The founder team of 3edata has been trained within the university sector, where they have collaborated on numerous technical and research projects developed inside of Campus Terra of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The staff that has joined this company has more than 15 years of experience in developing specific studies related to territorial planning and elements of biodiversity.

Our experience in project development allows us to offer a professional service of high technical quality, combining the use of the most innovative technologies with the sound environmental knowledge acquired during the development of the research projects. 3edata builds its working capacity on its skills in the capture and analysis of environmental information through remote sensing technologies (multispectral and LiDAR sensors) and the implementation of specific in situ analytical instrumentation.

R&D Area

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Technological Area

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Throughout the professional life of the 3edata team, a considerable diversity of projects have been developed in the environmental field. The common element to all these projects is the workflow through which relevant information is captured, data are validated, proposed actions are elaborated and projects are implemented and managed.

This involves concepts such as: the use of innovative technologies, and a multidisciplinary, versatile and adaptable work team (Data Analists, GIS experts, Remote Sensing Experts, Forest Engineers, limnologists and Project Managers), which gives it the necessary skills to meet the needs of its customers.

Capacity for capturing and analysing environmental data through the use of remote and in-situ sensors.

Capacity for participating in any phase of the project cycle and in decision-making in any type of territorial planning based upon environmental data.

Capacity for processing, interpreting and modelling environmental information. Geographic Information Technologies.

At the service of companies and public bodies for the integral development of environmental solutions: Research, innovation, technology and training.



Cultiva Desiciones is a comprehensive platform for precision agriculture for continuos observation of agricultural holdings in a simple, visual manner, which supports the grape grower in decision-making.

Collects and processes automatically all sorts of information (public or private) of interest for the agricultural holding: sensor data, satellite data, climate observation systems and weather forecast or drone flights, among others..

Stores the information permanently, which enables its visual analysis and comparisons by periods, zones, growing seasons and other criteria.

All information is stored together with the geo-position, which enables to make spatial queries.


The experience of more than 15 years of the founders of 3edata allows us to count on a wide network of partners, both in the world of private enterprise and in the field of R&D within the public sector.


3edata is a technology-based company, a spin-off from the University of Santiago de Compostela, a flight operator authorized by AESA (Spanish Agency for Aerial Safety) to carry out activities with RPAS and is qualified by the Xunta de Galicia as a Technology-Based Enabling Activity (IEBT). It is also an Innovative SME, being registered in the corresponding registry of the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation.


3edata works with different companies, both SMEs, Large companies, research centers, Public Administrations, etc. Regardless of its size, we provide the same degree of attention and the best solutions that the client needs.