3edata is a technology-based company. It bases its working method on a continuous learning process thanks to the permanent communication with our clients and the implementation of the most innovative and effective tools in each field, offering the perfect solution to every need. 3edata applies these workflow techniques to the detailed evaluation of different land covers, including the agroforestry and aquatic (lakes and reservoirs) fields.


The cornerstone of every project undertaken by 3edata starts with personal dedication to our clients and partners. We establish a permanent communication channel to understand all the facets of the problem to be solved and attend to all the needs that arise during the development of each project.

3edata maintains a direct connection with research centres, so that the needs of clients are analysed on the basis of the latest scientific information available.



Our approach allows us to generate products of the highest quality adapted to each specific need. We seek the personalization and exclusivity of each project, so our results highlight the combination of technological innovation with the care applied to each individual project. As a result, 3edata carries out technical studies and projects in the agroforestry and aquatic fields, where we apply algorithms and models developed with environmental data obtained through different data gathering platforms (Satellites,RPAS or In situ platforms).


As a technology-based company, development and innovation are present throughout the company and in every phase of the workflow for 3edata. The members of 3edata are always in continuous training and the results of each project are used to develop and improve the services offered, thus achieving a leading role in the field of agroforestry engineering AND AQUATIC ECOSYSTEM MONITORING.

The capacity to innovate and develop new initiatives allows us to take part in international projects financed by European funds, actively collaborating with companies, citizens and research centres.