3edata is a technology-based company whose work is focused on the rural environment, offering services related to the collection and analysis of environmental information.

The company is specialized in the management of projects in the agroforestry and environmental sector, providing support to the decision-making process of its clients, both public and private, improving their capacity to optimize the available resources and minimizing environmental costs.

3edata is a private initiative promoted by members of the University of Santiago de Compostela, part of the Research Group 1934-Territorio e Biodiversidade (Territory and Biodiversity). Its origins are located within the Campus Terra. 3edata aims to facilitate the access of private companies to the results of research projects, especially those based on Earth Observation, Remote Sensing technologies and remotely sensed databases including those acquired through the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) equipped with multispectral and LiDAR sensors.



During more than 15 years of activity, the people who make up 3edata have developed projects in multiple areas of the rural and natural environment. Discover our experiences here.


The scientific journal Remote Sensing publishes 3edata’s work on monitoring water quality using drones and satellites

The work carried out by 3edata to develop tools for monitoring aquatic ecosystems using remote sensing has recently been published

Jornada de presentación de resultados del Grupo Operativo: Soluciones Innovadoras para la Gestión y la Valorización de los Caballos Bravos de Galicia

El próximo 5 de octubre celebramos la Jornada de presentación de resultados del Grupo Operativo de la Asociación Europea de

3edata desarrollará la Solución de Galicia para gestión y control forestal a partir de datos captados por drones

La unión de entidades liderada por 3edata ingeniería ambiental, y conformado por la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Campus Terra